people need to understand that some people just don’t like talking it has nothing to do with u so don’t take it personally like some people just aren’t talkers and they’ll probably never text u first or initiate a conversation and it’s not because they don’t like u it’s just that they don’t think to say anything bc they’re comfortable with not saying anything

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"Hello, Mr. Thompson."

"I think he’s talking to you."


"Hello, Mr. Thompson."

"I think he’s talking to you."

I am sometimes afraid that maybe, you have fallen for the idea of me, the thought that lingers in your mind at 1 AM. I don’t know why, I guess it’s just a fear. There’s been so many people that have peeled off my first layer, and ran away because they couldn’t handle it. Deep down inside I am a dark person, a person whose flowers never bloom, and always stay dead, even in spring. I know that you tell me, you love the way I nuzzle into your neck, and how I wear red lipstick too much, and when I laugh it’s genuine. You tell me that you love how I am a light in your life, and I can’t help but almost shiver when I think of it. I am not a light, there is no light inside me, I am nothing but dull and doomed. I just fear that when you slowly knock down my walls, you will see the real me. I am not amazing, or perfect, I am sad deep down inside. I am rotting from the inside out and my heart is nothing but scarred, and the first time I have ever felt okay is when I found you. When I found you there was some hope in me that you’d be the sun to shine into my soul, to plant seeds, and water them with love, then I’d grow, you’d grow. I am just so damn scared, that you will be scared. I know I am rough around the edges, and sometimes I cut you, and it’s deep and it hurts. But I do love you, despite this fear, despite the chance of you leaving, I love you. Just please, love me, the real me. Don’t run away, because even though there are times I think about leaving, it’s only to save you, but I won’t leave. I promise, as long as you promise.

i.c. // there is a fear, a fear that you won’t love the real me. mostly because I don’t love the real me. (via girlchoking)

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Usher did not write Confessions for y’all to still be having side chicks

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Tura Satana appreciation post. here’s what u need to know:

  • born in 1938 and died in 2011
  • her parents were a silent movie actor and a circus performer
  • she was gang-raped by five men when she was ten. they were never prosecuted and it was rumoured that the judge was paid off.
  • this prompted her to train in various martial arts (such as aikido and karate)
  • over the next 15 years, she hunted down each of her rapists and exacted revenge against them. they never even knew who she was until she told them
  • at the same time, she formed an all-woman gang called “the angeles”
  • "we had leather motorcycle jackets, jeans and boots and we kicked butt."
  • moved to los angeles when she was 15 and supported herself
  • dated elvis presley and turned down a marriage proposal from him
  • her most famous film role was in 1965, as varla, a “very aggressive and sexual female character”, in faster, pussycat! kill! kill! (a film that was “an ode to female violence”)
  • Tura was responsible for her own costume, makeup, use of martial arts, and much of her dialouge. she also performed all her own stunts and fight scenes
  • was known for not taking shit from anyone. russ meyer, the director for faster, pussycat! kill!, said of her “[tura was] extremely capable. she knew how to handle herself. don’t fuck with her! and if you have to fuck her, do it well! she might turn on you!”


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doctor: i need anaesthetic



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